If you are in the ministry to children or youth (up to age 18 years), then you are invited to participate in this information gathering exercise to determine the views of children and youth on what a Child Friendly Church constitutes (or, should constitute).



“The views and ideas of children and adolescents are of utmost importance for the success of the “Principles for Child-friendly Churches” currently being developed. The World Council of Churches (WCC), UNICEF, and World Vision have therefore jointly worked on this guide to support church members and partners interested in conducting consultations with children and adolescents on the draft “Principles for Child-friendly Churches.” The feedback, observations, and suggestions stemming from consultations with children and adolescents will help inform the development of the “Principles for Child-friendly Churches.”

WCC and UNICEF  –  Supported by the Anglican Communion 

Please review the information by clicking the following link:


You can also download the guidelines document, here:  WCC_ChildFriendlyChurchesGuideforDraftConsultations.

We are calling on Sunday School Teachers, Children’s Workers, Confirmation Teachers, Youth Leaders, Youth Pastors, and all others (including clergy) who have oversight over our children and youth to act as rapporteurs and to commit to running the 8 hour programme and to gather information as required in the guidelines.  All rapports are to be submitted to the Youth Office using email : info@aysa.org.za by 27th April 2016.  We will collate the reports and send them in one batch to the WCC.

Let’s make a healthy contribution to this international initiative.  We are looking forward to the final guidelines which will be published by WCC and Worldvision.

God bless.

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