AYSA_FINAL_logo (small)

What are the meanings of the various colours that make up the logo?

 Yellow : signifies the Son (as in the sun) who is our Lord and Saviour

Green : signifies growth – spiritually, numerically, academically, in wisdom and in character

Blue : signifies progressiveness, innovation, creativity and vision

Red : signifies concern, compassion and action in the areas of nurturing and protecting our children and young people

If you study the logo, there are other significances that stand out, viz.

  1.  It contains the star or compass – similar to the ACSA crest.  This is our traditional and historical aspect.
  2. It has a mitre at the head – the sign of our allegiance to our Bishops and the Archbishop.
  3. It is colourful – a representation of our rainbow nation and it’s diversity.
  4. It has a traditional and also a funky text font.
  5. It contains three crosses.
  6. But, the most significant aspect – you will notice that the logo seems damaged or imperfect.  That was deliberate.  It signifies that we are not perfect, but being connected to the Son, we have inherited his perfect image.

The AYSA logo was designed by Katy Breytenbach, daughter of Bishop Martin Breytenbach.


  1. Any baptised Anglican child or young person may proudly wear this logo as a sign of inclusion and recognition.
  2. The logo may not be altered in any way, and should be used ‘as is’.
  3. Should a Diocesan Youth Council wish to use the logo for Diocesan purposes, they are entitled to add the name of their Diocese as per the example, below.
  4. Dioceses may print or embroider the logo on apparel and other items, provided they have sought permission from the Provincial Youth Office ( [email protected] ). If the items are used as give-aways, then they may use the logo for free.  Should the items be resold for a profit, then we would like the Diocese to consider sharing a portion of the profit with PYC.
  5. The logo may not be used for personal use, either for gain or self promotion.

AYSA - Free State