PYC recognizes that each Diocese is unique and has their spcific needs and requirements.  It also recognizes that each Diocese has it’s own youth structures elected and appointed from their own ranks.  Therefore, it (PYC) needs to define it’s role in support of the ministry to the youth and has formulated the following key supporting roles:

  1.  To support the youth ministry in each of the Dioceses, in particular, the Diocesan Youth Councils, through guidance, advice, synergy, vision, sounding board, mentorship and other youth ministry related resources.
  2. To assist our Bishops in ensuring an effective Youth Ministry is established in their Dioceses and to provide guidance and insight, where necessary.
  3. To ensure that the Youth Leadership is adequately developed and prepared for ministry and that they possess the necessary skills and competencies to be able to carry out their roles and responsibilities.
  4. To ensure develop partnerships within the Anglican church and beyond with organisations and ministries which can add value to the ministry to the young.
  5. To study the trends in Youth Ministry globally and nationally and to recommend new strategies that will contribute to growth and objectivity within the Province
  6. To create a platform for communication across the Dioceses and to ensure that anybody and everybody is able to participate and benefit.
  7. To provide a generic framework for children and youth ministry with appropriate resources and materials.

PYC is not event driven, although it would encourage the use of events to further the ministry.  Rather, it recommends that the church looks holistically at the spiritual development and growth of any individual (age 0 through 35+) and ensures that they reach a level of spiritual maturity in Christ that allows them to make a meaningful contribution to society and beyond – according to God’s purposes for their lives.  We may sum this up in the following purpose statement:

“Youth Ministry is the spiritual preparation of children and young people to maturity in Christ, sufficient for them to emulate the lifestyle of Jesus in every aspect of life and to take wise decisions and actions that will demonstrate the Kingdom of God in action.”

 PYC will develop initiatives and actions to ensure that this purpose is fulfilled and will partner with all ministries that has direct input and influence in the development of our young people.

 Seeking to add value to the youth ministry in the various Dioceses and to support them in achieving their God-given goals.