So, you’re ready to take up your tertiary studies at a university or FET college?  Well, we would like to introduce you to the Anglican Student’s Federation (ASF) and the Anglican Students’ Society (ANSOC).

  1. For their letter of invitation, please click HERE.
  2. For the list of ANSOC’s, please click HERE.


Please take one of the following actions as soon as you can:

  1. If you are entering a university or FET on the list, then please make contact with the appropriate person to register with the ANSOC and to find out about their meetings, etc.
  2. If you are entering a university or FET NOT listed, then please contact the ASF office to offer your assistance in starting an ANSOC on that campus, or, to find out where you can link with an existing ANSOC.
  3. If you are continuing your studies but NOT at a university or FET (institutions like Cornerstone Institute, etc.) then, please consider being part of a group of Anglicans at that institution who will be willing to either attend an ANSOC at a university or FET near you, or, to possibility start your own ANSOC at the institution you are studying.

We particularly encourage students who intend travelling to the cities for their further education and will be away from home for long periods of time.  Please do not neglect your attendance of church or participating in the sacraments.  The ANSOC’s will help you to continue to develop your spirituality.


Once you graduate, would you, please, make sure you connect with your Rector so that your success can be shared with the Parish.  Also, consider helping to minister to the children and young people with your God given gifts, so that you can exercise your ability to teach, preach, lead, etc. and make a positive value contribution to the mission of the church.

For lots of information about the Anglican Students Federation, please visit their web site at

We wish you success as you further your studies.