EVERY child and young person deserves the opportunity to convert their ideas and aspirations  into reality – not only the privileged.

This Programme seeks to recognize and reward children, youth and young people across ACSA for initiatives they have developed in the following categories:

  1. Education – developing study groups, advocating for safe spaces for study groups to meet, improving academic results, etc.
  2. Social Outreach – developing initiatives through the church to make a difference in community, e.g. voluntary work and odd jobs, visiting the elderly or children’s homes and spending quality time with people, feeding schemes, etc.
  3. Environmental Action : developing solutions for energy and water saving, nature conservation, environmental advocacy, etc.
  4. Entrepreneurial initiative : developing income generating initiatives like veggie and fruit gardens (food security), clothing or jewelry manufacturing, etc.

For full details and where to register, go to the Active Citizenship Programme web site at www.ayacp.org.za.

Download the full brochure with registration form HERE.

Clergy and Bishops are asked to help spread the word to all the children and youth in their Parishes.

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