The Warehouse, in conjunction with other institutions, have developed a Children’s Act Manual which can be downloaded as an Android APP in the Playstore.  It contains the general principles of the Children’s Act, responsibilities and rights, the care, support and nurture of children, and a variety of other aspects related to the Act.

child_protectionThis manual was specifically developed for use by organisations and institutions who have the responsibility to care for children in one way or another and seeks to interpret the Children’s Act in laymen’s terms.  This has serious implications on ACSA as we do not have a formal policy in place in compliance with the law (the Children’s Act in South Africa).

There are plans in process to develop a project in ACSA to formalise a Child Protection Policy for use in Parishes and Dioceses.

In the meantime, download the APP and give us some feedback on the contents, and how we are going to educate everybody on which processes to implement.  Go to the Playstore and search for CHILD ACT MANUAL.

A printed version will also be made available, soon.

Comments to  : [email protected].

Thank you.