Dear Family in Christ

In 2016 we saw many disruptions in the education system, both in basic education and higher learning institutions. We witnessed the #feesmustfall violent protests and a drop in pass rate in maths and science.

As we approach Education Sunday (5th of Feb 2017) , it is my wish, and that of the Provincial Youth Council (PYC) Executive Committee, that we start the “YEAR OF THE YOUNG” by bringing new hope to this ministry.

Education remains one of our top priorities as Nelson Mandela once said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” .The church is one institution which has; scholars, educators, parents and department heads, whom are all stakeholders within the education system. It is therefore our humble request that we take advantage of this God given privilege by not only observing this day in passing, but by helping to raise the standard of education and giving new hope in alleviating poverty in our communities.

We call on all Parishes within ACSA to celebrate this day by praying for all stakeholders, presenting opportunities for dialog around issues of education and its inequalities, and, presenting a platform where children can have after-care tuition at their local church. The church needs to help start implementing peer education groups in schools and providing moral and ethical guidelines to such programs. We also need to encourage all students in our local areas to join and participate in the ANSOCS at institutions of higher learning. Each church should adopt and minister to at least one local school in its area.

A wise woman once said: “If we can help inspire and support one child through education, that one child can bring hope to his/her family, which will bring positive influence on that community, and the community to the country.”. Let this year be the year where the church of God responds to the cry of quality education and thereby giving hope to all young people within our Province. We wish you all a great year and as we celebrate together “The Youth of the Young”.

Warm blessings and regards.

Bino Makhalanyane

President (Provincial Youth Council)