20150710_160804If we are going to raise the next generation to be well equipped for life’s challenges and with a sure assurance of their faith, then, we have to start by equipping and skilling the 1000’s of volunteers across ACSA who have the responsibility of developing the spirituality of our children and youth.

We have a serious intention to disciple our children and youth and to help them to develop their spirituality in the best ways possible.  In order to do this, we need to provide our volunteers with the best training possible.

Project2013 has just published their outcomes and recommendations, and, a priority focus is being placed in the following critical areas:

  1. Dioceses are to consider the spiritual development curriculum framework proposed for children and youth ministries as it gives the guidelines on WHAT WE SHOULD TEACH OUR CHILDREN AND YOUTH.  Generally, children reach Confirmation age with little or limited knowledge of their faith, spirituality or church and this places a serious priority on the church to start the discipleship process from as young as 3 years of age.
  2. All volunteers (Sunday School Teachers, Children’s Workers, Youth Leaders, and others involved in the ministry to the young) in ACSA should be trained according to an intentional strategic skills development plan.  The project has identified a number of ministry competency areas that are lacking and recommends that a more holistic approach be adopted through effective strategizing and planning.
  3. To enable the upgrading of volunteer training, it is proposed that a Provincial Training Academy be established to help Dioceses to develop capacity for training and development in their respective Dioceses.20151018_102554

A summary recommendations document can be downloaded by clicking PROJECT2013 – Outcomes (02).

The full Project outcomes and recommendations document can be downloaded by clicking Developmental curriculum of topics and themes – prior split (Autosaved2)

We welcome your feedback and input.  These are work-in-progress documents and will be enhanced and updated based on your own experiences, etc.

We have embarked on pilot implementations in two Dioceses and will regularly report on their progress.  Each Diocese will develop their own strategic implementation plan based on their immediate and long term needs.

Dioceses are asked to contact the Provincial Youth Office ([email protected] or 021-7631304) should they need immediate help in this regard.  Overview and orientation sessions can be organised.

We also thank the Project2013 Development Team for their hard work in putting these frameworks together.  It was an arduous task which they fulfilled with excellence.

Tony Lawrence (Provincial Youth Coordinator and Team Leader)