notoxenophobiaDear People of God

After witnessing the disruptive imagines of xenophobic attacks taking place in South Africa, I’m reminded of the story of Cain and his brother Abel in Genesis 4:1-12.  It soon hits home when I came across verse 9 and 10 of this same chapter, The Lord asked Cain “Where is your brother Abel?” and verse 10 the Lord said “Why have you done this terrible thing?  Your brother’s blood is crying out to me from the ground, like a voice calling for revenge.”

As I continue to reflect on this passage a small voice keeps running through my mind saying “Where is your brother.” Why have you done this terrible thing? Your brother’s blood and ashes are crying out to me from the land the Lord blessed and gave freedom to”.

Just as the Lord used Moses to get His people out of Egypt to the promise land, I believe He (the Lord) also used, people like Steve Biko, Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Emeritus Tutu and many more to overcome the oppressor in this country, so that we too may receive our promise land of freedom for all. But now today we are the same people who dishonour the land, by hatred towards our neighbours, the very same one we should love as ourselves. My dear friends in Christ, have we moved away from the Lord’s blessings so much that we hate ourselves, by performing such horrible acts towards one of our own?  Are we saying the statement made by P.W Botha in 1985  “Blacks cannot rule themselves give them guns and they will kill each other”, is a true statement?  Because now that we have the land, we attack and our own?

I appeal to you all, that we refrain from such inhuman behaviour of xenophobic attacks. Young people let us not stop being hungry for education.  The only way we can be a blessing to this beautiful country, is by having proper skills and knowledge, which can help fight against poverty, inequality, crime and promote good business competition not only in Africa, but internationally.

Remember before you are South African, you are an African, and the only thing that qualifies us to be South Africans, is being African. So my dear brothers and sisters let us all stop these inhumane, violent xenophobic attacks against our African brothers and sisters. Let us all turn to the Lord for forgiveness.  Let us join together in prayer for peace and stability in our land.

God Bless Africa, guide her children, Guide her leaders and give her peace.

Bino Makhalanyane

President – Provincial Youth Council