I greet you all in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Fr Tom Tshiponyana

Fr Tom Tshiponyana

It is again that time of the year where we see and meet new developments in our life time.  This time we always reflect and give our thoughts to people around us.  We want to share love, peace and happiness with all those whose lives are linked with us.  Economy, crime and moral degeneration have affected us so much that we are hopeless.  Usually our first reactions to the challenges we face are w.w.w. not “world wide website” as we know it, but WHINGING, WHINNING and WISHFUL THINKING.

Some complain thatwe are poor, life is not fair, politicians are enriching themselves, the church is doing nothing for the young people”.  Some even whine that the year went too fast, but the days are still 365 and months are still twelve (12).  We tend to excel in moaning and groaning, but the truth is if you do nothing about it then you will get nowhere.  If we don’t stand up and do God’s work I’m quite sure that no angel will come and change our situations.

I, therefore, challenge you all brothers and sisters, to bring a smile to the lives of those who are less fortunate.  You don’t have to be a millionaire to make a change, but the little we share can bring Joy to the poor and vulnerable.

Let the spirit of the birth of our Lord Jesus bring to us the spirit of hard work and a drug free society.  Don’t be discouraged by negative peers and some older people who always blame the youth, remember every generation blames the one before.

You, as a young person, is like a star that men from the east followed to Bethlehem.  Therefore, just brighten the corner where you are. Stop being a W.W.W. (whinger, whiner and wishful thinker), but rise high above the sky. You are so special that no storm can dim your brightness!!!!!

MAY God protect you through this festive season and make 2014 a year of great success and prosperity to our world.

Be blessed and be a blessing!!!!!!


Fr Tom Tshiponyana

Provincial Youth Chaplain