environment1The environment is something that adds significant value into our lives, it provides the air we breath to survive, food and other things, however because we are so used to it, we forget it also has to be nurtured and taken care of. For the past years the ecosystem has been disrupted by human species enough to call it climate change, shortage of resources and extinction of animals all because of our harsh actions towards it. Generations to come will not have the satisfaction to glimpse natural beauty.

While I was attending the ASF 54th conference in Kroonstad in June, it emerged clear to me that the environment is depleting as time is moving. Dr Rev Rachel Mash, who was presenting the stats and facts about how much damage has been done, insisted that yes so much harm has been done, but there are ways Young People of God can change the situation. We can notice all the climatically changes that are in the works, and we know what causes them as well as the the danger they pose ahead us from economical recession, unemployment, food scarcity and land depletion. These are all the things of precedence in our daily lives young people are the main target.

God created the Earth and told us to be good stewards of it and showed us how to take care of it, he has given us this world so we can eat and fulfill our needs, but we need to be thankful for our temporary home by keeping it clean, manage its resources well and preserve it as best as we can for future generation. These are Godly actions to show gratitude.   Young people need to have the drive to keep the environment clean, starting in your own house.

environment2What hit home was the effect one person can do, Rev Rachel specified that there more we litter, or burn fossil fuels we are literally obliterating our own home, soon there will be nothing left and the ecosystem will be destroyed now where do we live?  The importance of knowing more about the environment as well as keeping tabs on how to reduce, recycle and re-use is for us to survive and not have to depend on genetically modified materials.  A lot of young people are faced health challenges because of the foul conditions we endure; however it needs to stop, a call for us to hustle and bustle for a better way of living is needed.

Our perception concerning Gods perspective on the earth and the responsibility he placed upon us needs to be revived, so go ahead and be an environmentalist, take care of this planet.  The very heart of Gods that loves us so much compels us to take care of his precious creation.  With thanks to Rev Rachel for enlightening me and many more others who attended the session with such prosperous information.

-Ncumisa Magadla