PYC Consultation 2013 was held from 3 to 7 July 2013 at the University of Lesotho.

_DSC005321 Dioceses were represented by 60 delegates (including Chaplains and lay leaders), plus 7 Executive members.  We were also privileged to have 6 key partners joining us to present their ministries.

Revd Tom Tshiponyana, our Provincial Youth Chaplain, delivered his charge : “Raising of young people to be responsible, successful, determined and active members of the society and church is also demanding a lot of determination, commitment and support from all walks of life to make it real.  This humbles me to realise that you and I are still very determined to see the best out of our young people irrespective of the challenges facing us.”

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba sent his greetings with a strong challenge : “How can we be realistic in our expectations of each other, treating one another with a love that is ‘patient, kind, not envious, boastful, arrogant or rude; not insisting on its own way, nor irritable or resentful; which rejoices in truth, and bears, believes, and hopes all things’ (see 1 Cor 13:4-7)? What does it mean truly to live in mutual holy humility, ‘doing nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but regarding others as better than ourselves, and looking not to our own interests but to the interests of others’ (see Phil 2:3-4)? How can we draw out the best in one another, ‘provoking one another to love and to good deeds’ (see Heb 10:24)?”

_DSC0084The President, Nonhlanhla Shezi, presented a most encouraging address : “Let us continue to be ambassadors of the Anglican Church and of Jesus Christ.  I use Joel Osteen’s words “You are where you are because somebody sacrificed.  Somebody prayed.  Somebody served.  Now God is honouring them by releasing His goodness in your life.  None of us are where we are on our own – ‘Your challenged is to live in such a way as to cause other to win’” (1 Tim 1:5).  Therefore let us make a legacy of faith and store up blessings for future generations.”

Bishop Stephen Diseko, Bishop Liaison for the Youth encouraged young people to take part and play a role in our church. He stated “that we are being represented at the Provincial Synod, which will take place later this year, and that we are not being taken for granted. ‘Leadership always listens to what the young people have to say. We need to prepare for the young generation we pass the baton to other generations. We are here together in this ministry.'” Bishop Stephen Diseko also quoted “we are there to dream and we are here to interpret the dream”

The Provincial Youth Coordinator, Tony Lawrence, gave Consultation a early preview of the Youth Report which was submitted to Provincial Synod.  He raised several initiatives which including a special focus on Project2013.


Tony Lawrence gave a presentation on Project2013, its origins, objectives and imperatives.  Through the establishment of a Development Team, a curriculum of education and activities based on sound outcomes and expectations will be developed to help our children and youth (from age 3 to 35+) along a spiritual formation path to Christian maturity.

The presentation file can be downloaded – AYSA mini overview 2013-summary2.  The project document can be downloaded, Project 2013h.

A workshop was facilitated to receive responses and feedback.  Delegates felt that guilds and youth oriented organisations and ministries should work together more effectively and that we need to focus on ministering to all the (youth) ages, thereby, reaching all the youth.  Effective communication is vital if unity and growth development is to be achieved.


We were privileged to have a number of our Partners come and present at Consultation :

  • Revd. Dr. Rachel Mash – ACSA Environmental Network Coordinator
  • Tshepo Mokoka – Anglican Students Federation (ASF)
  • Ms. Delores Athiemulam – Operation Hope and the providers of the Banking on our Future (BooF) Financial Lifeskills Programme
  • Ms. Deirdre Solomon – ThinkTwice and providers of the Jerry Giraffe Human Sexuality Programme for pre-schoolers and Undiluted Programme for teenagers.
  • Revd. Edwin Arrison – Kairos South Africa – understanding the conflict in the Middle East.
  • Rev Mxoli Sonti – South African Council of Churches Youth Forum (SACCYF) – encouraging youth to work through Youth Forums to achieve positive social change.



A workshop was held to attempt to address challenges being faced in Dioceses.  A number of generic issues were raised and will be published to the delegates, shortly.  The main issue raised was – How ready are we for Project2013?  This resulted in the Consultation developing a Readiness Campaign around the following 4 key principles:

  1. To develop an integrated youth ministry at Diocesan down to Parish level.
  2. The ministry must cover all young people from age 3 to 35+.
  3. Dioceses must understand the context of their ministry and research is required.
  4. An effective communication system must be implemented so that messages, news and information can reach all concerned.

The Readiness Principles Action Plan is available – Readiness Principles Action Plan.

This concluded the official business of PYC Consultation 2013.


The local organising youth committee treated the delegates to a great day exploring a little of Lesotho.  The destination?  Off, we went by bus, to Thaba Bosiu (in Sesotho it means “the mountain of the night”) to visit the headquarters of 19th century, Chief Moshoeshoe.  His village was on a plateau on top of the mountain and was only accessible via a rocky 120 meter footpath – straight up!

_DSC0041Led by a very competent tour guide (AHA!) we huffed and puffed our way to the top which we reached some 2 hours later.  After an insightful tour of the ancient village and some breathtaking surveying of the scenery, we tackled the longer, but more tolerable path to the bottom where it was a real treat to get our bums back onto the seats of the bus (LOL).


After some freshening up at the Diocesan Training Centre, we were whisked away to a gala dinner hosted by the Diocesan Youth Council at a local school.  We were blessed to be entertained by a variety of well rehearsed performances put on by the various youth guilds as well as the occasional speech made by various dignitaries.  We were also very privileged to be addressed by Bishop Adam Taaso who especially made time for us, with his wife, to grace us with his presence.


_DSC0492Before our departure on the Sunday, we attended a special Youth Celebration service hosted by the DYC.  Bishop Diseko celebrated the Eucharist and Fr Tom Tshiponyane preached an inspiring sermon that had the congregation rocking (literally)!

After refreshments, we embarked on our journeys to our respective homes.


We wish to sincerely thank Bishop Adam Taaso – Bishop of Lesotho, the Dean of the Cathedral, Fr. Peko, the Diocesan Youth Chaplain, the Diocesan Youth Council of Lesotho, the Local Organising Committee and all others, for your hospitality and making our stay so memorable.  We will certainly remember every experience and every act of love.


Diocese of Kimberly & Kuruman – HEAR WE COME!!!!!!!!

One last pic . . . . .