This page is explicitly for the PYC Executive members and will contain downloadable documents, presentations, worksheets, web links, and other relevant and important items.

Our first attempt will be to give all the new Exco Members an overview of our history since 2008, what we have achieved, what is in the pipeline, and some thoughts on where we are heading into the future.

This is a resource page and will be updated from time to time.  All items are downloadable, so, if you want to create your own library on your PC, laptop, tablet or cell phone, you are most welcome to do so.

We wish to avoid costs and wastage printing endless reams of paper, and we will endeavour to use electronic methodologies as often as possible.


It begins with the business plan which was done as a weekend exercise in 2009.  We were a fairly new Executive having been elected in 2008 and we needed a tool which would help us to focus on issues and interventions which would positively impact the young people’s ministries across ACSA.  The BP contained a number of areas we felt needed attention and the following document is the official publication thereof.

PYC Business Plan – PYC _ver 1.1

The next key event which had much bearing on what we were doing at the time, was the Archbishop’s Vision 2020 which listed 7 or 8 key impact and priority areas.  One of these was : The Nurture and Protection of Children and Young People.  The following documents give the background and original intentions/objectives of this priority.

Nurture and protection of children and young people

RESOLUTION – Children and Youth

Vision 2010 report summaries for 2nd Agenda Book

Draft Action Plan for YOUTH

During 2011 we also conducted a general survey.  This was not well supported.  However, those who filled out the questionnaire raised some key issues.  Here is the questionnaire and the summarised results:

AYSA Youth Survey (2) (3)



After Provincial Synod in 2012 we felt that we needed to tackle some of the many issues raised in our Business Plan, the Archbishop’s vision and the Youth Survey.  When we compared each of the reports, we found that many of the issues raised were common across the reports and that many of them could be combined into one intervention (one stone could kill many birds) and the result was PROJECT2013.  It is our opinion (as you will read in the project document) that our church does not have a generic or standard spiritual and faith development process through which all children and young people can progress and develop.  Also, we believe that children who experienced a great faith upbringing, are more likely to get actively involved in the church and would also most likely never leave the church (we know youth leaving the church is a dire problem – especially after Confirmation).

Project2013 will address these and many other problems that we are experiencing and ensure that our children and youth are “trained in the way they should go . . . .Prov 22:6.  Therefore, the project will define a framework for spiritual development (discipleship).  Please read the project document, here . . .

Project 2013 – the document

Action Priorities 2013

Project2013-overview into 2014

Our web site at also contains articles and posts that refer to the project.

The project required 2 key things in order for it to get off the ground.  The first is a team of experts with the necessary experience and qualifications to develop this curriculum framework as well as the training materials, etc.  The second requirement was some funds to bring these experts together to work on the design and content of the curriculum.

In March we did the 20 Diocese tour on the motorcycle to raise the money.  R70000.00 was raised and R30000.00 was pledged.  This budget is to cover the expenses of the Development team over 2 years, or until the completion of the project.

8 people applied for a position on the Development Team (see below).  I have given the list including the actual applications to the Provincial Executive Officer (PEO) who will be discussing this with the Bishop Steve Diseko and the Archbishop later this week (by 8th Aug) and give us feedback.  Announcements will be made on the 11th August and it is anticipated that the Development Team will meet for the first time on the weekend of 12 to 14 September (or soon after this).


Earlier this year, anticipating the (possible) changeover in leadership at our upcoming Consultation, we consolidated ALL of the above into one worksheet (see below).  This allows us to see which tasks/activities/issues are being addressed by Project2013, and which items still needed attention.  This document will form the basis of our first Exco Meeting where we will have to prioritise the necessary actions and plan how and when they will be achieved over the next 3 years.

PYC – overall activity list – 2014

More information, to follow . . . . .

Previous PYC Exco members are invited to correct/amend/add the information above for clarity and accuracy.


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