THREE Key events culminated in the production of the PYC Priorities for 2013, viz.

1. Resolutions taken at Provincial Standing Committee in September 2012 regarding the ministry to children and young people.
2. Priorities set at the Provincial Youth Council Consultation in October 2012, and,
3. A confirmation meeting of the Vision 2020 Implementation Team for the vision priority “Nurture and Protection of Children and Young People”.

The result is a list of key priorities for 2013 which will be merged into a formal project which will see:

1. The ministry development teams being formed to develop:

  1. a. The (outcomes) curricula to be used.
    b. The user manuals and programmes to be used.
    c. The training required for youth leaders and Sunday School teachers.

2. The implementation of two pilot implementation sites (covering a cluster of parishes in each site).
3. The evaluation at the end of 2013 of the effectiveness of the implementation and the adjusting of the programmes where necessary.
4. The planning of the roll out in 2014.

What we need urgently are the following:

1. Experienced practitioners who can join the development teams. You must have active experience in programme and curricular development, and/or, at least 10 years of experience in either the children or youth ministries, and/or, a theological background and qualification, and/or, experience in children and youth learning development, and/or, any other relevant experience that will help us to achieve the above.
2. Your suggestions and comments which can be posted below (quick reply).
3. Your fervent prayers for the success of this project.

Broader details can be found in the downloadable document.
Action Priorities 2013

Any queries may be directed to

Be blessed.