To say that our Provincial Synod is devoid of youth content would be furthest from the truth.  On the contrary, it was packed with discussions, conversations and resolutions which impacted the children and young people, both directly and indirectly, with mandates in some areas.


But, first – a BIG thank you to Dioceses who selected young priests and young leaders to attend Synod.  If we are serious about hearing the young voices, then we have to include them in our delegations to decision making events such as Provincial Synod.

Our Archbishop chose a bold and most appropriate theme addressing the future, and the path we should choose to take us there – A Vision for Education, Education for a Vision.

“Our capacity to be God’s people, for the sake of God’s world – rooted in our baptism, and affirmed at confirmation – must be diligently fed throughout our lives. Regular, deepening, prayer, Bible-study, worship, and receiving the sacraments – none are optional if we are serious about witness and service; if we are serious about the re-evangelisation of the Anglican communities of Southern Africa; and if we are serious about truly being salt and light in God’s world.”  Archbishop Thabo Makgoba.


All discussion groups, plenaries and presentations zoomed in on Education and Leadership, and what we as the Anglican Church could do about the issues and challenges that we are facing.  The following outcomes address the children and youth more directly:

  1. A resolution was passed to acknowledge the project to develop a more outcomes based spiritual development and formation curriculum for all ages starting at age 3 years.  Our spiritual development must be central to all our learning as it correctly shapes our worldview and drives our passion for service and compassion for people.
  2. A resolution was also passed to:
  • – Partner with all educational stakeholders to ensure the achievement of a more holistic development of children and young people, and that children and young people receive good quality education and academic achievement
  • – Avail our infrastructure and human resources for education and academic development
  • – Set aside the 1st Sunday in February as the Provincial Educational Awareness and Advocacy Sunday
  • – Encourage and support the ministry of all educators within their communities.

It is important that the youth, as well as everybody who ministers to children and young people, are aware of these developments.  We will be publishing further information on each of the above for your prayers and appropriate actions.



We were also reminded that the vision priority for the Protection and Nurture of Children and Young People enters it’s 3rd year of focus and awareness.  Project2013 is one of the key initiatives in helping our young to develop a deeper sense of faith and commitment to God.  Please pray that qualified and experienced individuals will volunteer or be selected to form the Development Team who will produce the outcomes based curriculum and training programmes.  Our other challenge is to raise R100000.00 needed for the Development Team to meet and to produce the project deliverables.


Past Provincial Youth Chaplain, Fr Jack Kudumela and current Provincial Youth Chaplain, Fr Tom Tshiponyane

But, 2014 will see even more focus being placed on the ministry to the children and young people.  One such focus is in the area of Education.  The first Sunday in February will used to highlight the need for Churches to be involved in the Education process of the learners.  The main service of the day will be used to encourage the congregation to find ways of supporting the learners in conjunction with the schools, teachers and governing bodies.  They will also pray for the learners and educators and all others involved in Education.  All guilds and children/youth oriented ministries and organisations are requested to participate.

We are serious about the spiritual and academic development of our young.  And as Anglicans, we will ACT.  Be blessed as you contemplate your partnership with us in this most noble of causes.

Issued by Provincial Youth Council (PYC)