Youth Report at Provincial Standing Committer Meeting for 2011

Written by: Tony
Date: Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Diocesan Youth Worker or Co-ordinator: Roles and Responsibilities

1. Initiation and implementation of Youth Ministry Development in the Diocese (each parish) ensuring the following :
1.1. Planting of new youth ministries in parishes where there are none.
1.2. Growing existing youth ministries numerically and spiritually.
1.3. Ensuring that all youth age groups are catered for adequately
2. Be aware of or initiate matters pertaining to the general direction of the youth – ensuring that there is adequate Vision to help direct the youth related activities.

3. To identify potential youth leaders for ministry, especially those who could qualify in the future for ordination.

4. Develop existing youth leaders in their ministries including providing a level of mentoring.

5. Identify and assist in organizing Diocesan Events:
5.1. Training programmes
5.2. Conferences and Seminars

6. Be able to do research and needs analysis – to help identify priorities in the areas of Youth Ministry.

7. To implement a functional communication system that reaches all the parishes down to young people levels.

8. Personal and organizational Management
8.1. Management of time and resources
8.2. Financial management and budgeting
8.3. Report writing and feedback to authorities and peers.
8.4. Monitoring processes – to ensure things run smoothly
8.5. Goal Setting and work planning

9. To develop self on an on-going bases
9.1. Personal study – attending courses and youth related events
9.2. Formal studies – certificate, diploma or degree
9.3. Reading articles and magazines
9.4. Researching youth development globally


Diocesan Youth Chaplain: Roles & Responsibilities (Generic)

1. The Diocesan Youth Chaplain is appointed by the Bishop and reports directly to him.
2. The Youth Chaplain is a key person on the Diocesan Youth Council or similar body that co-ordinates the ministry to young people.
3. Brings a spiritual dimension to the ministry and ensures that the ministry is aligned with Biblical principles and standards.
4. Liaises with the Clergy in the Diocese with regard to youth ministry matters.
5. Helps to ensure that every parish has a vibrant and effective youth ministry and that there is growth and development amongst it’s leaders and members.
6. Helps to identify youth leaders/workers/pastors and potential future ordinands.
7. Assists with training of youth leaders.
8. Acts as a mentor and coach to Youth leaders.
9. Is one of the delegates to PYC Consultation and represents the Diocese.
10. Engenders enthusiasm and inspiration amongst all the people of the Diocese for Youth Ministry.
11. Manages his/her budget in the execution of his/her duties as outlined above.
12. Helps Youth Leaders to set achievable goals and to support them in the execution thereof.